We’re telling a new story about Micro Business in Britain


We celebrate the 94% of British private business who are micro in size but mighty in their contribution.
The Simply Club for micro businesses provides affordable, professional business support, ideas and solutions.
We create community around micro business in Britain, within our club and by telling stories & sharing the magic.

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The Directory – discover stand out micro, indie, freelance & small business in Britain from our growing Member’s Club. From creatives to charities, from accountants to places to stay, it’s your chance to vote for the Britain you want to see. Did you know that 94% of all private British business is micro in size – a bedrock of amazing service, creativity & innovation building a better life for people, places & planet. Find stand out small, micro businesses in Britain.

The Simply Club – it’s difficult to afford a business coach or expensive training courses as a micro business owner so our Club gives you access to help every day. Our special hub is packed full of free resources, mini workshops, how to guides and more. When you’re in need of community, we’ve got your back with warmth, love, ideas & connection just when you need it. Finally we’re telling Britain your stories, a spotlight into micro business life in Britain. Join the Simply Club today.

Storytelling – small, micro business Britain gives us all the dedicated customer care, top quality products & services, short supply chains, less packaging, less waste, vibrant communities & valuable human connection we all dream of. They are invaluable & they are our future. These are the stories we all need to know. Read our stories now