Simply Great Britain

Small Business, Big Love

We are on a mission to change how Britain views micro, indie, freelance & small business, one story at a time.

Small business Britain gives us all dedicated customer care, top quality products & services, short supply chains, less packaging, less waste, vibrant communities & valuable human connection. These are stories we need to know.

Simply Great Britain will help you find stand out micro, indie, freelance & small business in Britain from our growing community of inspiring business owners. We provide small business ideas, consultancy services, training & coaching programmes & a Member’s Club for small business owners who want to be seen, heard & helped on their journey.

Are you ready to tell your story?

We celebrate & showcase our members, support them to develop the business of their dreams & connect them to each other & to you.  We share the love, peddle the dreams and support the magic.

Did you know that micro businesses makes up 96% of all private British business – a bedrock of amazing service, stunning creativity, innovative living & a better way of life that is better for the planet & all of us. Read our mission.

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