World Mental Health Day & Indie Business

You might think that this is a tenuous link to make in order to write a blog story but in fact, from experience, mental health and independent business often go hand in hand producing amazing, positive and life affirming results.

I work with many indie and small business owners and LOVE to be in their business, finding out what makes them tick, how they are managing day to day as a bookkeeper, maker, deliverer of top service, floor sweeper, packer, postie, manager and so much more – usually in one day – and how they came to be running their own business in the first place.

There are common themes to many a story I hear. Balance, quality of life, community, health, family, nature and happiness are all mentioned. Rarely do I hear ‘to be a millionaire’ or ‘to be the next Alan Sugar’.

My own story is no different. I worked in corporate business, rising through the ranks, driving the lovely car and building up my bank account nicely. It taught me so much. However, at the point of growing my family, new priorities came into focus. I needed balance, nature, space, to be near home and to have enough capacity to be a Mum. For me my previous career couldn’t offer me that & I chose a new, independent path.

The result? My car is certainly not as lovely, my bank account is less full and I don’t have an important title. I do have balance, I do have stress but on my terms, I am flexible and I get to be in nature a lot. I also get to do what I love every day. This is good for my mental health.

All independent business owners have a story to tell and they have made a huge decision to go it alone with strong motivating forces. Up there near the top is to be able to live life that brings satisfaction, balance and an ability to forge their own path – all things that help avoid some of the mental health pitfalls of previous careers.

Please don’t think I am making sweeping statements or that I assume all corporate careers produce misery. Please don’t also think that I have a rose tinted view of independent business and an absence of mental health issues. What I do want to say is that these indie business owners are the brave, the pioneers and balance seekers in their own lives and this makes for a frankly beautiful experience for all those who chat to them, buy from them or work with them and, above all, I am in awe of them.

If you are thinking of a new life as an indie business owner, then engage with our membership and find out how you could find balance – they are a super friendly bunch! Talk to someone today about mental health – yours, theirs or in general.