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Work with me, Emily – founder of Simply Great Britain.

Coaching Services

I work with a huge range of small business owners, bigger business, organisations and public sector groups.

I am the founder of Simply Great Britain and have worked in business as a trainer, speaker, coach and mentor for over 20 years (longer version of the story this way). My approach to business is an holistic one, never losing sight of the fact that owning a business has to be sustainable for body, mind and spirit (not to mention the planet).

As a business owner just like you & I am very aware that most people start a business as a result of, or to create change after other careers & lives. Creating a beautiful life with balance or fulfilling a long held dream to make life better in some way is often at the centre of start ups. It is on this basis that I work closely with clients to develop skills and confidence in story telling, marketing and building a business that creates the life you want.

I also get the bigger picture too. My life in the corporate world taught me much but most of all that there has to be a big picture approach. This means people, places & planet. If you work like this too but need another pair of eyes and ears to move forward, make changes, master your storytelling, empower your people, build strategies that work, move your business forward, implement changes & connect with your customers then let’s talk some more.

My approach is down to earth, full of empathy, fun and without the jargon. To work with me, get me to speak at an event or simply arrange a proper chat, please get in touch . It is worth noting that Simply Great Britain members get a 20% discount when working with me.

What I do

  • Mentor
  • Facilitate & train your teams
  • Empower you to grow & communicate
  • Create & implement your marketing strategy
  • Help you tell your story
  • Business coaching
  • Business planning
  • Bespoke social media management

Sometimes you just need to dig deep with someone you trust. Designed to get the most out of your consultation, this 1 hour session will start with an email questionnaire to highlight what you need most. We will then arrange a video call to start to build a plan for your future. All this for £75.

“Video calls with Emily have helped keep me on track for the last couple of years. I’ve found them a wonderful space to bounce ideas, formulate ideas and plan a campaign. It’s also a great way to get an opinion from someone who isn’t involved in the business. They can be as structured or as informal as you need.”

Anita James, Client

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“Thank you for your time today. Your knowledge & personal experience of social media & tech – respected. Your ability to share, without ego or judgement – appreciated”

A client 2019

Consultancy Services

As I mentioned above, I’ve worked with a large range of different enterprises, organisations and groups in a range of roles. My work has and does include training, one to one coaching, mentoring programmes, panel member for both Leader and SEQM as well as an assessor for green businesses as part of the Environmental Quality Mark. This is not a show off thing but I get it, you need to know I’ve actually done stuff. Apart from working with 100s of small, micro & freelance businesses in a range of sectors, here are just a few other examples of the organisations I have worked with…

Destination Staffordshire
Staffordshire University Business School
The National Forest
Peak District & Staffordshire Environmental Quality Mark
LEADER programme
WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise)
Leicestershire Collaborate Programme