Why do we tell stories?

Simply Great Britain started out as Simply Staffordshire – a handpicked guide to Staffordshire. Over the time that we ran our venture just in our home county (and still the home to Simply HQ) we repeatedly came across, and got to know, stunning indie businesses and their owners quietly doing great things in their own corner of the world. Sometimes they inspired, sometimes they wowed and sometimes they simply hit me right in the heart.

Over time, Simply HQ evolved to expand our community of stand out indie business owners to the whole of Great Britain (from January 2018) and our work still provides a stunning directory of stand out indie business but we also spend much of our time supporting and connecting the members in our community.

We evolve what we do to help our members achieve their dreams of making life beautiful – their own and those of their customers and part of that is to tell their stories.

I (Emily & founder) LOVE telling stories and my parents would say that I was telling them before I could walk. Finding the opportunity to share stories with you over and over again is simply the biggest pleasure. I get to share the love, inspiration, wisdom, dedication and passion of indie businesses which I hope will prompt you all to fall in love with this rich community of business owners, buy from them, use their services and perhaps even help you start your own beautiful life journey too.

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