Why Community Matters in Micro Business

The powers of Community for Small Business in Britain

In a study by Epson UK in 2018 it was found that out of the 1000 freelancers and micro businesses they interviewed a staggering 48% admitted to feeling lonely in their work and 46% admitted to feeling isolated. One might assume that this figure may be even higher.

When meeting with micro business in our Member’s Club, we certainly hear again and again that it can be tough if there is no one to share ideas with, have a giggle with or simply discuss last night’s telly.

These feelings of loneliness or even isolation is not only a crappy experience for the small business owners, it can be devastating to the health of the business. Feeling stuck, alone and short on feedback can crush creativity, add to fear and feelings of not being good enough. Worse, these feeling may even effect the way their business is marketed and shared.

Just this week we shared some top tips on avoiding feelings of imposter syndrome in the face of perfect social media feeds and the inevitable comparison heavy world we live in.


All too often ‘networking’ for small business is focussed on gaining new business – an important aim and vital to business. However, the value often lies in simply gathering, sharing experience, wisdom and ideas. Time and again, I have witnessed real serendipitous business magic as people come together in community without the express anticipation of ‘doing more business’. Taking a foot off the pedal and simply being part of community, in my experience, actually results in more creative work, longer lasting relationships and working collaborations that last.

In addition, being a regular part of a community that shares your values, aims and experiences can be the key to unlocking your true potential and help you avoid thinking small as a small business.

The power of connection, support and inspiration can not be underestimated for the 96% of private British business that is micro in size. Finding your people, gathering online or in person and being part of an open discussion around what you need, where you struggle and what are your biggest challenges is the key to the future of small business in Britain.

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