White Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse

white chocolate & raspberry mousse

For a delicious Summer chocolate recipe & to celebrate World Chocolate Day Рwhy not try this very easy, seasonal recipe this weekend Рthe perfect end to a BBQ and can be prepared well in advance.

250g White Chocolate (broken into pieces)
250ml Whipping Cream (or double for a heavier dessert)
250ml Creme Fraiche
punnet of fresh Raspberries

Melt the chocolate very carefully & slowly over a bain marie or in the microwave. White chocolate can be a but ‘funny’ to deal with so go slow and stir buy generic viagra tablets regularly. Whip the cream until you get very soft peaks and then fold in the melted chocolate. Add the creme fraiche carefully until all fully combined.
To serve, layer the mousses and raspberries into glasses – pretty and delicious! You can then store int he fridge for up to 24hrs.
Alternatives: feel free to add up to a tbsp of white booze if you fancy it and you could whizz up half the raspberries with some icing sugar to make coulis layers instead.