When the sun came out in Staffordshire…

I’m embarrassed as always that it has taken me until now to post again…I’m loathed to say life is busy because that sounds so feeble. What is more honest, is that other things have been a priority and I haven’t had enough still space in which to think.

One of the things I has been keeping life full is the start of the cricket season when I get to follow off spring around the county to watch lots of willow on cork…not all together unpleasant and a brilliant opportunity to explore the countryside. What has made this better over the last few days is the glorious May sunshine. May is one of my favourite times of the year, when green is proper bright green, everything is fresh and best of all my wisteria finally flowers…more pictures of that in a later post.

So getting viagra online medical consultation back to Staffordshire in May…it is a glorious time of bright greens, rapid growth and noisy, noisy wildlife, full of the hope of spring. My walks with Stan are beginning to feeling like wading as the grass gets higher and his short stature starts to disappear from view. And disappear he does, tempted by a multitude of young rabbits, flapping birds and, his latest rack, catching bees. Being stung already hasn’t put off my cerebrally challenged friend.

What I also relish at this time of year is that the days stretch out so much further, evenings can be spent outside, encouraging pleasant chat, relaxed mooching & refreshed senses. As I pad about to cricket matches, enjoying conversation and bright, light vistas, us parents say Happy New Year to each other as if we have emerged from a