When micro business owners give back…

Cathy Bower Photography

You may have heard me say many times before that micro businesses are magic in many ways – but top of the list is their ability to give back.

This story came to my attention this week and it really is a heart warmer! Cathy Bower is a brilliant professional freelance photographer with a love of dogs. I know – we already love her right?!

She has been supporting her local rescue kennels in Stoke on Trent by taking images of pet owners and their rescue dogs. Not only is she donating much needed food to under resourced kennels, she’s also creating precious memories for her clients.

Cathy is now appealing for more rescue dog lovers to come forward. All entries will be entered into a competition to win a free photoshoot and print.

An award winning Leek-based commercial photographer, Cathy asked rescue dog owners to tell her what made their pet special. She then pledged to donate food whenever people commission her to photograph their dogs.

Cathy Bower Photography
Cathy pictured donating food to Stoke On Trent’s City Dogs Home

Cathy says, “We are a nation of dog lovers yet we know that kennels at places such as the City Dogs Home are always full. It is important to try to encourage animal lovers to look to adopt when they are considering dog ownership and I wanted to do my little bit to help.

“There’s recently been stories about people taking on a rescue dog during coronavirus lockdown, but animal charities fear there will be a wave of abandoned dogs filling the rescue centres once the furlough scheme ends and more redundancies are made. We adopted our much-loved pet, Baxter, three-years-ago and he’s a great addition to the family. He was rescued from a puppy farm and we wouldn’t be without him.”

To enter the competition, please go to Facebook and search for Cathy Bower Photography, like the page and then send Cathy your entry.

Here’s the story of one her clients…

“I photographed Sarah and her dog Millie who was rescued from desperate conditions on what was described as a dog meat farm and brought to the UK. She’d been kept in a tiny cage with a floor made from wires that hurt her paws.

Cathy Bower Photography
Sarah & Millie

“Sarah told me that dogs on the farm were electrocuted and sold for human consumption and that was the fate destined for Millie. She now lives with Sarah in Brown Edge. Sarah told me that she instantly fell in love with Millie when she saw her on a rescue charity website. Sarah added: “Millie was terrified of everything when she first came; the stairs, the TV, her reflection. She’s still scared of many things but her courage and ability to love is awe inspiring. I struggled earlier on this year with my mental health and I believe I owe my life to Millie. We rescued each other.”

Cathy Bower Photography is part of the Simply Great Britain Member’s Club & has built a reputation for creative photography, working extensively in the corporate arena as well as creating “pictures with personality” for families across the Midlands and North West. Animal and pet photography is also a passion, alongside equestrian photo shoots.

To find out more about Cathy Bower Photography, please go online to www.cathybower.co.uk.