What’s Love got to do with it?

Love Staffordshire

This post might, at first glance look a tad on the gooey side, a little off the wall compared to our normal posts about buying local, living simply, supporting independent but read on & find out what love has got to do with it…

In a life where we are all searching for meaning, purpose and all those other buzz words that float about the socialshpere, love is often only thought of as in it’s romantic form. Love is girly, pink, mushy, romantic but not often associated with hardcore business. However, love has a reach that is so much wider and is threaded through everything, if we choose to look for it.

Love is the connecting power, passion, commitment and dedication that you’ll find at the very centre when you experience those people who run their own business, create, make, design, serve, support & care. Those dedicated individuals who have followed their dream, been disrupters, hung http://healthsavy.com/product/synthroid/ out with doers, shared their magic & spread their sort of love. These types of business aren’t just collections of good ideas, long hours and some social media, they are fed with love, they spread love and they grow love. That warm glow you get when you see an ace Insta post, when you pop into a tiny gallery & find a beautiful gift, when you visit a working pottery to see how a glaze is made, when you mooch round an amazing market filled with noise and laughter…..all that is comes about from love.

Without love, those owners, disrupters, makers, doers, designers, facilitators, carers don’t function. They are simply fuelled by the love of what they do, love of their customers, love of their market, love of their colleagues…and that’s what really great independent business is….in a nutshell.

So what’s love got to do with it…..pretty much everything…..