Welcome to the Member’s Club – Urban 8 Create!

Urban 8 Create

We are so pleased to welcome Bernie from Urban 8 Create to the Simply Great Britain Member’s Club. Like many of our members, there is a story behind the business and one that will inspire.

Bernie has had a long fascination with old watches and has turned her passion into a jewellery business, creating unique pieces from vintage watch mechanisms that she buys, collects and finds.

Bernie suffers from a very very rare form of cancer. After much treatment, in 2017 her diagnosis became terminal.

This is her story in her own words.

Unfortunately, I suffer from a very rare form of cancer which affects something crazy like 3 in every 10 million people.  I’ve had it 3 times now and the second time resulted in major surgery and major permanent facial disfigurement. Then in October 2017, I was told it had spread to both my lungs and was terminal.

I’ve got a bit, well not a bit, but a full-on fascination with watches. I’ve always had a love for them and for unusual jewellery and after buying a vintage watch mechanism online it sparked something in me and I decided to start making my own jewellery. This passion for watches has led to a passion for recycling them and turning them into keepsakes and progressed to me having my own online shop. I find it all very therapeutic and I really enjoy doing it. I have my studio at home now and going into my studio space gives me – me time – and I can think things through better.
Over the years I have raised money for several charities, I have taken part in an Inca Trail Trek in Peru for MacMillan Cancer Support and done various things for Changing Faces and Cancer Research. As a patient at the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, I am now hoping to raise money for the North Staffordshire charity through my jewellery sales.”

To discover her designs and jewellery, head to her Etsy shop from her Simply Great Britain page, follow her on social media and take inspiration from this particularly special small business.