Waste Not, Want Not – an inspiring exhibition from Gallery at 12.

Who heard their Grandma say those words? Who lives by them now? We do!

Gallery at 12, a fabulous cooperative of artists and designers in Eccleshall in Staffordshire, are hosting an inspiring new exhibition that starts this weekend called just that – ‘Waste Not, Want Not’.

The exhibition itself is displaying jewellery from Angela Smith – an award winning jewellery artist and Simply Great Britain member.┬áThis exhibition aims to highlight how unwanted items and materials destined for the bin can actually be turned into wearable jewellery.
Angela has used old papers and magazines, bubblewrap, scraps of material and wool, corks, teabags, safety pins, and other unwanted items to create a selection of necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings. Most of the materials used for this exhibition have been stashed away for years waiting to re-use.

Here is what Angela herself has to say, “With the environment being such a topical issue and concerns over the impact our rubbish is having on our planet and everything that lives on it, many people are looking at how to reduce the amount of waste they produce.”

“There are no two ways about it, we have become a throwaway society.
However many crafters have been bucking that trend for years, instinctively being hoarders whilst viewing the potential for junk as part of their next new creation.”

We totally love the concept of this exhibition and it is just what you would expect from a stand out small business in Britain where people, places & planet come first.

Angela will be hosting a launch for her exhibition on Saturday 7th September 12pm – 4pm – you are invited to pop in to the gallery and talk to her about her jewellery, over drinks and nibbles.

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