10 Top Tips for a Perfect UK Holiday in 2020

Troutsdale Farm

Today, we have officially learnt that we can take a holiday in the UK from the 4th of July. After months of lockdown, many of you will be dreaming of a British break to help your relax, recoup and recover.

Although some of you may be online right now booking your stay, visit or day out, there will be some of you out there still feeling cautious, concerned and confused.

The question is, how do we know where to go, what is the safest type of accommodation and who will look after us best?
Beechenhill Farm
Beechenhill Farm, Peak District

As a business coach & consultant, I have been working extensively with the Visitor Economy sector over the last weeks and months to help them recover and get ready for your stay. I know how hard they have been working to ensure your experiences will be exceptional and stress free.

Here are some top tips to help you choose the best place for you, your family and your loved ones. [Please note the date of this blog post when reading any guidance or ideas we have added here]

  1. Choose Independent. You might not be surprised to see my recommendation given the world I inhabit, but be assured independent holiday businesses will provide you with the best holidays. Independent business cannot afford any negative reviews and have you (not profit) at the heart of their daily activity. Be confident that they are working hard to ensure that their operations are best in class.
  2. Book Direct. Always! There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you have easy, direct contact with the owners or managers giving you the best chance of an authentic, human conversation about their strategies to keep you safe. Secondly, you will likely get the best price for your break. Many independent holiday businesses have been driven to use OTAs (Online Travel Agents like Booking.com & Expedia) because of their domination of the market (3rd reason…) forcing them to take huge cuts in their income. Some OTAs charge over 20% commission to take your booking, causing great strain on the independent UK holiday market.
  3. Check for a Covid Statement. All holiday businesses worth their salt will have a Covid Statement of some sort on their website. Look for details about how they clean, serve food, provide services and welcome you to their place. This will give you some reassurance that they are putting you first. PLEASE NOTE: be patient. There have been no detailed guidelines published from the government yet [June 23rd 2020] so some businesses will be catching up.
  4. Check the T&Cs. We have all heard worrying stories of big holiday firms not providing best practice service with regards to refunds, cancellations and holiday changes. You will find that most independent holiday businesses don’t want to be in that gang and are offering the best T&Cs around. Look out for free cancellation or rescheduling if you or one of your party falls ill to give you the reassurance to book.
  5. Get to know the business. Reviews are important but many independent businesses may not have had a review for a while due to lockdown. Take the time to look at their social media profiles, read older reviews, watch their videos and even message them. We have got too used to avoiding human contact with our hosts when on holiday but, in fact, your experience will only be enhanced by making new friends.
  6. Ask lots of questions. Each area of the UK will be different in terms of what’s open and closed near your accommodation. Use the tips above to really understand what you can do once you arrive. Independent owners and managers will know how you can access the local pub, where to buy local food, what are the best & safest places to visit and so on.
  7. Prepare to be flexible. We know that life isn’t back to ‘normal’. Being flexible about your arrival & departure procedures, bringing your own towels or understanding the need to remove games, toys and books as a necessity for now will make for a more relaxed holiday.
  8. Learn something new. Many of us have realised during lockdown that tapping into our creative or curious side has huge benefits. Why not combine your new hobbies with your holiday? Many independent places will have great links for art classes, craft courses, sporting activities and guided walking to name a few. Making memories has never been more important & may give you the best holiday you’ve had.
  9. Keep it local. Once you arrive at your destination, maximise your experience by truly immersing yourself in the place where you are. Trying local specialities, seeking out independent shops, exploring nature on foot and avoiding a supermarket delivery will not only enhance your stay but add real value to the local economy. Your cash has power!
  10. Share the love. Once you have had a brilliant independent holiday experience in the UK, be sure to share with everyone you know. The more we show Britain that independent is best, the more we can all play our part in supporting the tourism economy and help others enjoy a holiday just like you.

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