The Power Of Choosing A Micro Business Life

micro business Britain
Here are 5 pointers to the power of a micro business life….

Many of you will know that Simply Great Britain is a club for micro business owners from all sectors. We’re on a mission to change the conversation about micro business & owners in Britain. We tell stories, share magic and support our members to be where they want to be.

2020 has proved to be something I wasn’t expecting (you don’t say?!) in a very specific way. Before the Covid19 pandemic, I thought I knew that 94% of all private business in the UK was micro in size and that they were largely overlooked in mainstream media and in business support programmes. I thought I knew that lots of people didn’t really understand the difference between an SME and a micro – not only in size but in impact. I felt comfortable in what I knew.

However, there has been, and is continuing to be, a subtle but profound change in what micro business owners are telling me and what I am seeing in the media.

Micro business owners & their stories are being listened to in a different way and from a new perspective.

No longer do many assume that small is insignificant or that slow growth is unfavourable. No longer are we seeing the assumption that freelancing, working from home, not employing anyone means that you may have checked out of the ‘real’ jobs market or had some kind of issue in creating a proper career.

For every tiny business that grew so fast to be in front of all our eyes on the telly or wowed the world with their purpose, there were 100s more just plugging away, doing the do, serving their customers, trying to make a difference and giving back to their communities. We chose to only value growth, big statements, celebrity & huge turnovers.

However, after the news that millions of micro businesses didn’t get government support and the shared experience of millions working from home, there is a new vision of micro business Britain and what it has to offer us all.

Britain is waking up to the fact that micro business owners have people, places and planet at their heart not necessarily profit, growth and exploitation. Micro businesses, by their very nature have shorter, more transparent supply chains. They are less likely to exploit people or environments. You can better guarantee where their products really come from. You are able to work directly with a human you’re in relationship with. This power is really, really big.

So I am hopeful. Despite the gloomy economic predictions, we all have the opportunity to embrace what is already in the heart of our communities. We can choose to learn more. We can be part of a shift from unsustainable (both humanly and environmentally) to something that fills us up rather than drains us. Whether we choose to work in micro business or buy from them, the future is bright and this brightness is the future.

Here are some pointers to a more micro business life…

  • Take time to seek out small, independent or freelance first. This isn’t just for buying a hand made gift (although this should be at the top of your list & is always more special) but really finding out what small business in your area or online can fulfil your needs, solve your problem without being part of a something less transparent – and yes that even includes buying a laptop or booking a photographer.
  • Don’t assume bigger is better. We have become accustomed to being told that big businesses are safer, with big online presences & buying power to drive prices down. But we know this drives down quality, experience & transparency. Get back into the groove of relationships, community and trusting an individual.
  • Save money & consume less. Yes really. A great micro business will sell you the product/service you need most and not the most product/service. They are already planning your return. This isn’t about not having nice things but rather choosing to have things that gives more than it takes.
  • Ask the right questions. Slowly, but very surely, the questions we’re asking now are less about ‘what’s the price?’ but more about ‘what has this cost?’ We won’t be able to make perfect decisions yet but a micro business will give you an answer to help you make choices that safeguard our land, water and air as well as the lives of those we don’t see.
  • Connect. We think we do this a lot in this digital age, but in fact we often get lost in that tech. Really connect with the people behind a business, their stories, values and visions. Not only is this uplifting but might just save our lives.

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