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Pencil Me In Workshops

We have often the heard the phrase ‘self-care’ and I often talk to the Member’s Club about it as an essential skill and habit for micro business owners. However, how many of us excel at it?

Pencil Me In Workshops

Aimee from Pencil Me In is part of the Member’s Club and is hugely qualified to help and support people to prioritise self care. After a stressful career in the NHS, Aimee has used her own experiences to take the leap and is now running her own small business to help people to truly understand self care and find ways to make it part of their every day lives through her workshops.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this story with you. I hope you will be inspired to find out more about Pencil Me In, dig a little deeper into your own self care practice or contact Aimee to find out more about her workshops.

Here’s Aimees story…

Hello, my name is Aimee and I live in a little village in the Staffordshire countryside. I am passionate about people and their wellbeing. I have a BSc psychology degree and a MSc in mental health nursing.Self-care always came naturally to me, I prioritised walks through the countryside with my pup, making dates with friends, indulging in a favourite magazine and making time to do things I loved. I would book onto workshops, visit art galleries and attend beautifully presented makers markets. I made friends with the lovely people who had small businesses and admired their ambition and passion. 
Then my children came along, we moved into a bigger home, I got married and my job in the NHS became more challenging as I progressed. I began to lose sight of my identity and hobbies, feeling guilty if I made time to take care of me. My life was wonderful in many ways, but my interests were no longer my priority. 
I was pregnant with my second baby, when somebody very close to me became rather unwell. Anxiety and stress crept into that ‘wonderful life’, enough to make me completely exhausted and physically unwell.  As a mental health professional I should have been aware that I needed to make time for self-care, however stress and anxiety can be consuming. Eventually I acknowledged that it was time to take care of myself. I began to engage in my hobbies again, made time for relaxation and reduced the pressure I put on me. It’s true – you can’t pour from an empty cup! With this in mind I surrounded myself with like-minded people. I focused on my self-care on a daily basis without feeling guilty. I searched for workshops that involved wellbeing and creativity and noticed these were missing in my area. 
This was when I decided to go ahead with my dream of running a small business and doing something I was truly passionate about. I wanted to create something that I can share with others to make them feel wonderful, compassionate, valued, revitalised and well, a little more themselves again. 
Pencil Me In provides creative wellbeing workshops focused on making self-care realistic, allowing yourself time to relax and create beautiful things without worrying about other responsibilities. We will practice relaxation and guided meditation, helping you to unwind and feel truly nourished mentally and physically.

Our first workshop has sold out, but we are working hard to arrange future workshops for those that would like to attend. 
Please visit the following for further info on upcoming events:Facebook – @pencilmeinstaffs
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