Super Success for Energy Ball Recipes

Energy Ball Recipes

We’ve had a little summer break on the blog & I couldn’t be more chuffed to be sharing this story with you today.

Earlier,  I chatted to Vic from Energy Ball about how things were going, the challenges faced by a small food company with big ambitions and the plans and ideas for the future of her business. I loved hearing about her feelings as she watches her parcels go out into the world. When business comes from the heart like that, then letting your products, ideas and skills fly is emotional!

Energy Ball Recipes

Energy Ball Recipes started out just over a year ago as the brainchild of Victoria Prince – a subscriber based business sending out delicious, ethical, vegan energy ball kits to your door. These kits are great for anyone who is really interested in the ingredients they eat, the nutritional values and macros of food and also anyone who is Vegan, Vegetarian or enjoys adding plant-based food to their diets. The monthly Recipe Kits arrive with everything that is required to make 30 energy balls. Bonus – the packaging is plant based, fully compostable, and the cardboard is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and can be put into the recycling bin after use!

Interest in this innovative product was immediate and from day 1, Vic and her team have been busy sharing the kits all over the world. After an amazing start with Kickstarter, Energy Ball Recipes have gone from strength to strength and they sent their first order over to Selfridges (yes them!) just this week. This totally brilliant development in her business cam about after a super successful exhibit at the Food Matter LIVE event earlier this year.

I am so excited to watch Vic’s journey in the coming months and to share more stories of success from this award winning business.

Head to Energy Ball Recipes to find out how to subscribe and get in touch (& don’t forget to mention us!).