A Story of Tears and Cheers

Otter's Tears Beer Co

We have been bursting to share this story with you since we had a rare moment in front of the telly last night. It was one of those serendipitous moments in life when you see something that warms your heart and inspires.

We have known Phil from Otter’s Tears Beer Co for a while now and he is a brave, passionate and beer crazed indie business owner, and Simply Great Britain member, in one of the most (anecdotally) challenging high streets in the UK. Starting as an enthusiastic blogger, Phil now has a hugely successful beer shop in Burslem, Stoke on Trent and sells to the world online. He curates one of the best and most eclectic collections of beers in the world.

So imagine our delight on seeing him on BBC 1’s The One Show last night in a piece about the state of our nation’s High Streets and what it’s like to try and trade there as an independent, small business. We knew that Phil had been doing some filming but this was unexpected.

Phil has worked extensively with local and now national press to bring a positive narrative to trading on tough High Streets and was invited to see what purchase cialis innovations he could bring back to his now home town. Watch for your self by following this link to the BBC iPlayer….the story features about 35 minutes in.

Phil’s story of facing regular negative news stories about the area in which he trades is not a new one to many of you who are bucking the trend and pioneering your own independent business owning story.

Independent business is the lifeblood that our towns and cities need to enrich lives, build economy and support other indie businesses. There is a misconception that independent or small business means paying more for your goods or services but, in fact the opposite is true. Indie business owners are not greedy, they deliver exceptional service and you buy a bit of magic.

With the support of each other it is important not to wait for the weight of councils, governments of corporates to change policy (although step change from these powers to provide opportunity and innovation in our high streets would be welcome) but to simply and quietly change the way you buy.

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