Holding the hope…

Simply Great Britain

Holding the hope is a concept that my Mum taught me years ago. You may have heard of it or have your own family version. The idea is that when you know someone who has lost all hope or is without hope, you can hold it for them until they Read More »...Read more »

Sowing seeds…

Simply Great Britain

Liz Abram is part of our Member’s Club and an outstanding coach with a nose for uncovering, a heart for nurturing and a straight forward voice to get stuff done. With a military career as a resistance trainer and linguist followed by work with Channel 4 & the BBC, Liz Read More »...Read more »

10 things to remember when things are uncertain…

Troutsdale Farm Holiday Cottages

This is a slimmed down version fo a bonus How To Guide I sent out to the Member’s Club earlier today. When times are uncertain, it is clear that practical tips, community and staying connected is crucial. Here are some reminders for micro business owners. There is only now. Bloody obvious...Read more »

The business of self care

Pencil Me In Workshops

We have often the heard the phrase ‘self-care’ and I often talk to the Member’s Club about it as an essential skill and habit for micro business owners. However, how many of us excel at it? Aimee from Pencil Me In is part of the Member’s Club and is hugely Read More »...Read more »

The Future is Bright for Independent British Tourism

My first steps into business ownership were into the tourism sector. My first business was running a self catering holiday house in the Staffordshire Peak District. We won awards and became the 1st accredited eco holiday business in the county. Since then, I have worked extensively with independent ...Read more »

A TURN for the better…

TURN Education

Today I met with the inspiring Caroline from TURN Education CIC who is dedicated to tackling underachievement in kids and helping them realise new beginnings. I knew that Caroline had a long teaching career and I knew that she works with children and animals (isn’t that an issue?!) but I Read ...Read more »

Why Community Matters in Micro Business

The powers of Community for Small Business in Britain

In a study by Epson UK in 2018 it was found that out of the 1000 freelancers and micro businesses they interviewed a staggering 48% admitted to feeling lonely in their work and 46% admitted to feeling isolated. One might assume that this figure may be even higher. When meeting Read More »...Read more »

Small business charging towards a greener future.

96% of all private business in Britain is micro in size – that is 0-9 employees size. But do we really know what impact they are having on our lives and the lives of future generations? Alex and Rob from Beechenhill Farm in the Peak District are at the forefront Read More »...Read more »

A Whole New Decade…

Simply Great Britain's 14 Day Challenge

When I kicked off running my first small business my main challenge was the isolation. I felt alone and coming from the corporate world I had little understanding about how small businesses hung out. I am now 18 years on from starting that first business and community, working together and Read More...Read more »

Welcome to the Club – Julie-Anne Craig from Not Just Travel!

Not Just Travel - Julie-Anne Craig

We recently welcomed Julie-Anne Craig to the Member’s Club from the business Not Just Travel. Julie-Anne is a personal travel consultant who’s every day mission to plan your perfect holiday that is completely tailored to you. This fabulous personal service is designed to create a stress ...Read more »

Why Not Black Friday?

Simply Great Britain Christmas campaign

For a few years now I have posted and written about the perils of Black Friday for small, micro, indie and freelance businesses at this time of the year. Before you think me an utter humbug or purist, hear me out. Firstly, I am no stranger to a bargain. I Read More »...Read more »

How to market your micro business easily in 4 simple steps.

Love Marketing Workshop

One of the biggest challenges for a micro, small business owner is that you are responsible for everything in your business. Rent, website, SEO, social media, building, making, creating and marketing (to name a few of the skills required!). One of the biggest challenges my clients talk to me about R...Read more »

Welcome to the club – TURN Education CIC

Turn Education CIC

We often tell amazing stories on Simply Great Britain, but this one is particularly inspiring. Caroline Hardeman-Mason, founder and managing director of TURN Education CIC has brought her many years experience of working with young people with challenges in education to set up a new environment for ...Read more »

Welcome to the Member’s Club – Dovedale Brewery

Dovedale Brewery Co

We’re so excited to have welcomed Dovedale Brewery to the Member’s Club – a new artisan  micro brewery set in the stunning surroundings of the Peak District. Andrea – master brewer, is the magic behind the new brand which is already supplying local pubs and retailers and gai...Read more »

Welcome to the Members Club – Touch-Learn International

Touch-Learn International Ltd

We want to welcome another new small business to the Member’s Club by sharing another brilliant business story with you. Touch-Learn International was founded in 2001 as a training provider in the field of baby massage, signing, yoga and so much more for individuals & organisations to gain...Read more »

Welcome to the Membership – Dianna Lee Embroideries

Dianna Lee Embroideries

When you think about garment embroidery, you might be forgiven for thinking a small logo on a cheap t-shirt or workwear. Dianna Lee has created a business that is something all together more amazing. Based in Derbyshire, Dianna specialises in small batches and bespoke design, working with individual...Read more »

A Magic Independent Food Festival in Stone

Stone Food & Drink Festival

The Stone Food & Drink Festival is a long standing member of Simply Great Britain but an even longer member of the community in the town of Stone in Staffordshire. An annual gem of an event that really does have love and community at its heart. And heart is what Read More »...Read more »

Why Change Our View of Small Business in Britain?

[From Emily – founder & small business owner] For those of you who have met me, you may be in no doubt about my thoughts on our approach to small business in the UK. I tend to get enthusiastic, sometimes I even step onto a soap box & I certainly Read More »...Read more »

Welcome to the Membership – Lyn Ashworth England

Lyn Ashworth England

Lyn Ashworth England is one of the UK’s leading British bridal labels renowned for crafting beautiful and stylish gowns. Each and every dress is designed and created at the newly opened design studio and showroom boutique on the Duchy of Lancaster Estate in Staffordshire by creative director Sara...Read more »