New Beginnings are here…

New Beginnings Course

Micro businesses in the UK have been among the most hard hit in the world of commerce. With millions excluded from government support packages, they have also suffered the indignity of being little featured or talked about as we find a way of recovering from the pandemic. However, there are Read Mor...Read more »

Naturally successful

Rhythm of Beauty

Find out how a micro business with purpose is wowing the world of natural beauty. Louise Allen is the founder of Rhythm of Beauty, a natural beauty business with a difference. This week she won another national award for her beauty ranges from the prestigious Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards. Read Mo...Read more »

The Power Of Choosing A Micro Business Life

micro business Britain

Here are 5 pointers to the power of a micro business life…. Many of you will know that Simply Great Britain is a club for micro business owners from all sectors. We’re on a mission to change the conversation about micro business & owners in Britain. We tell stories, share Read More &...Read more »

When micro business owners give back…

You may have heard me say many times before that micro businesses are magic in many ways – but top of the list is their ability to give back. This story came to my attention this week and it really is a heart warmer! Cathy Bower is a brilliant professional Read More »...Read more »

Creative Wellbeing is back!

Pencil Me In Courses

Among many many things, Covid has stopped a lot of micro business owners, experts and freelancers from hosting events and workshops that are designed to support and inspire others. Aimee from Pencil Me In Workshops was just one of those micro business owners. After 5 years working as a mental Read M...Read more »

An Independent ‘I do’

Lyn Ashworth England

10 ways to make your wedding independent, ethical and extra special. 2020 has not been a good year so far for beautiful, big weddings. Despite the cancellations & postponements though, plans and dreams are still happening as are proposals! How about making your wedding even more special by reduc...Read more »

For the Love of Freelancers

Bed and Breakfast Academy

5 things to remember when engaging the services of a freelancer. Often when you see content about indie, small or micro businesses online, it’s about makers, artisans, designers, artists and retailers. What we often don’t see is the brilliant work of freelancers. Essential to most other ...Read more »

To Gather & Stitch

To Gather & Stitch

Regular readers of this blog will know that telling the stories of micro business in Britain is where my heart is. Sharing the inspiration, innovation and sheer magic of their journeys, stories and process is the most rewarding part of my week. Sarah Shortt trained in Couture in the 1990s Read More ...Read more »

10 Top Tips for a Perfect UK Holiday in 2020

Troutsdale Farm

Today, we have officially learnt that we can take a holiday in the UK from the 4th of July. After months of lockdown, many of you will be dreaming of a British break to help your relax, recoup and recover. Although some of you may be online right now booking Read More »...Read more »

It’s time to write a new story

Simply Great Britain

How we respond to the new ‘open’ will be a vote for our future…. The last few weeks have been wholeheartedly focused on supporting small, micro businesses to stay afloat, recover, rebuild, make new plans, pivot & cope. We have been sharing free webinars, free training programme...Read more »

New Beginnings…

New Beginnings Course

How we can use our purses & voices to vote for the new beginning we really want. Supporting and working with small micro businesses over the last few months has been a privilege and inspiration. Facing some of the worst financial and emotional days of their lives, they have been Read More »...Read more »

Family Photo Shoot for a well deserving family…

Amanda White Photography

The micro business owners in our Member’s Club frankly make up one of the best communities I have ever known. I knew this before and feel hugely excited about the future as we grow it across Britain. However, the last month or so has opened my eyes a little wider. Read More »...Read more »

A close shave for the NHS

Bernie Webbe, founder of Urban8Create and member of the Member’s Club, is shaving her head for her local hospital to offer her support during the pandemic to say a special thank you. This is not a one off for Bernie who has been raising money for the NHS for a Read More »...Read more »

Glorious Cracks

Simply Great Britain Stories

How are you doing? Have you been feeling the pressure to be ‘lockdown perfect’? There’s tons of content out there encouraging us to use this time to be fitter, more perfect, happy, meditated out and eating exciting new recipes. But it doesn’t really feel like that for most of...Read more »

What small business does when it’s in crisis…

Pencil Me In Workshops

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard to support small, micro, freelance and indie businesses to navigate the Covid-19 crisis, to find ways to stay safe, calm and going. Many of them have been devastated by a sudden and complete halt in turnover for an unknown period Read More »...Read more »

Imperfection is Sexy

Liz Abram Coaching

Right now life is less perfect than it has ever been. There is a lot that is difficult about that but the collective experience finally gives us permission to let go of perfection, facade, barriers & pretending. Phew. Here are the words of Liz Abram, coach, resilience expert and all Read More &r...Read more »

Holding the hope…

Simply Great Britain

Holding the hope is a concept that my Mum taught me years ago. You may have heard of it or have your own family version. The idea is that when you know someone who has lost all hope or is without hope, you can hold it for them until they Read More »...Read more »

Sowing seeds…

Simply Great Britain

Liz Abram is part of our Member’s Club and an outstanding coach with a nose for uncovering, a heart for nurturing and a straight forward voice to get stuff done. With a military career as a resistance trainer and linguist followed by work with Channel 4 & the BBC, Liz Read More »...Read more »

10 things to remember when things are uncertain…

Troutsdale Farm Holiday Cottages

This is a slimmed down version fo a bonus How To Guide I sent out to the Member’s Club earlier today. When times are uncertain, it is clear that practical tips, community and staying connected is crucial. Here are some reminders for micro business owners. There is only now. Bloody obvious...Read more »

The business of self care

Pencil Me In Workshops

We have often the heard the phrase ‘self-care’ and I often talk to the Member’s Club about it as an essential skill and habit for micro business owners. However, how many of us excel at it? Aimee from Pencil Me In is part of the Member’s Club and is hugely Read More »...Read more »