Stand out Staffordshire

As we hurtle towards the Summer Solstice, life here at Simply HQ has been busy, chilly, chaotic & exciting! To keep our feet on the ground, Stan & I have been enjoying some stunning walks which not only inspire me in my work but also helps me keep a clear head and mind.

Staffs summer

This month has been another bumper month so far for new members joining our community and an upsurge in interest in our Member of the Month feature – now in it’s second month. While all that has been going on, we have also been making plans for the future…ways to improve our website, new features to help you discover Staffordshire more easily & fun stuff for the Autumn.

Since starting Simply, I have come on a huge journey and sometimes, very steep learning curve. Through all the clients and members I meet with every day, I know that there are so many stand buy tramadol 100 mg legal out, stunning businesses our there who simply don’t get the recognition they deserve. They, like me, are learning new skills every day to bring outstanding service and product to you and this can be stressful, lonely and frustrating. As such, I am planning a new series of workshops & online support to provide in depth help with all those niggly things that take up time & cause most angst. This could be social media strategy, how to take a decent image of your products to understanding your perfect customer and how to plan your life. Look out for the new workshops and information on my sister site & through our social media.

In the meantime, here are some gorgeous pics to keep you inspired and remind you why celebrating and supporting your local community of micro businesses is not only good for the economy but good for your soul…

Brett Trafford Photography-2