From Staffordshire to Great Britain

Staffordshire to Great Britain

A message from Emily – founder of Simply HQ…

This last week has been the culmination of over 4 years of ideas, dreams, work & faith. In fact the story goes back in even further…

I had a corporate career in sales, marketing & training which taught me much but that essentially made me miserable. So, when I had my children, I ran for the hills. I left my career and begun to plan for my dream of running holiday accommodation in my home county of Staffordshire. This was lovely for about 7 years. I loved my guests, we won awards & I begun to connect with amazing local businesses that made my business better. 

It was during this time that Simply Staffordshire was born…a membership community¬†of stand out independent businesses that I wanted to promote. This place has been the home of Simply Staffordshire for over 5 years and again, we have won awards & spread our wings but a seed was planted and and our next step has been slowly germinating for some time.

You will notice that this website has changed this week to Simply Great Britain – a new and exciting chapter. Today we celebrate, support & connect stand out indie businesses that make life beautiful across Great Britain – our first members from outside Staffordshire are beginning to join us. Just as I did, many of our members chose to be business owners after leaving a career that made them unhappy or to fulfil a long held dream. They passion, commitment & drive brings us all amazing services, products & customer service. As they make the life of their dreams, we, the customers get a better life and better community around us.

So…welcome to Simply Great Britain, the culmination of my dream and who’s heart is still very much in Staffordshire, my home and HQ.

You will find amazing, stand out indie business members in our directory, discover ways to live simply, make life more beautiful and more importantly you will be supporting this vital community of independent businesses that strengthen our economy, our communities and add a little non corporate magic back into our lives.

Much love,

Emily xx

If you would like to find out more about joining the Simply Great Britain membership, please hit the Join Us button above or contact us at today.