3 ways to discover Staffordshire this Spring!


Staffordshire has simply come alive in the last fortnight…warm weather, longer days and sunshine has ensured that flowers, birds and trees have burst into action. Walking the dog has been a real treat…the din of springtime love fills the air as pheasant cocks strut their stuff. Hedgerow birds busily natter as they create beautiful nests and the fields are awash with flashes of white fluffy tails as rabbits streak from end to end.

Mornings have been hazy and delicious as the sun fights off the night time chill but wellies are still needed in the heavily dew laden grass. By the time evening comes along, it smells like the cricket season, camping, holidays & gardening all rolled into one. Spring is one of my favourite months, full of promise and hope and a season http://healthsavy.com/product/lasix/ that Staffordshire rocks with style.

Meals are changing too…slow cooked meat has been replaced with warm salads and mashed spuds have given way to roasted new potatoes. The mint is re emerging in the herb bed and chives are already aplenty for fresher soups.

The office has had a good spring clean, complete with drawn plans and plots for the coming 12 months. Ideas are flowing and projects are unfolding….so watch this space!

Here are 3 ways to make the most of Staffordshire this spring…

1. Simply Recipes – Be inspired by a seasonal, local recipe on our Simply website

2. Simply Discover – Discover Staffordshire this spring, its people, places & environment

3. Simply Craft – Book a craft workshop this spring & learn a new skill


Emily xx