Small business charging towards a greener future.

96% of all private business in Britain is micro in size – that is 0-9 employees size. But do we really know what impact they are having on our lives and the lives of future generations?

Alex and Rob from Beechenhill Farm in the Peak District are at the forefront of doing small business with one eye on today and one eye firmly on a greener and more inclusive future.

First opened by Alex’s parents, Sue & Terry, Beechenhill Farm has been carving an environmentally conscious small business path for many years. Among the first to install a wood pellet boiler and be a centre of excellence for other future users. Early adopters of commercial organic dairy farm practices. One of the first to provide electric bikes to their guests. Ahead of the curve when converting their farm buildings into eco accommodation while sharing their wisdom with others. One of Britain’s first eco wedding venues.

The list is long and the list is inspiring.

Now Alex & Rob are continuing the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the family business.

Alex, a trained teacher, has created a truly inclusive holiday experience by recently gaining an Autistic Friendly accreditation from The Autistic Society, providing information, support & sensory trails around the farm. This is on top of Alex’s recent signed video welcoming everyone to the farm.

The farm has, for a long time, been a UK leader in sustainable practices and their dedication is evident from their published ethos. Highlights include 2 electric charging points (1 Tesla and 1 standard 7kw) a rare treat in such a rural part of Britain. Other highlights include a wood fired hot tub and sauna with views over the stunning valley beyond. You will also find that not only is the list of eco practices very long but they are striving to improve year on year. From eco laundry practices to the charities that they support – people places and the planet is at the heart of everything they do.

This kind of inspiration is not uncommon among the micro business community in Britain but it is rare to meet such a dedicated couple who are quietly carving a new future that we can emulate, embrace and share.

To find out how to book your stay in this inspirational place, head to their website today and of course share with everyone you know. We need more Alex and Rob teams in this world!