From Sir Gawain with art in the Staffordshire Moorlands | Crowdfunder challenge

Sir Guwain Crowdfunded appeal

As a story, this is a properly brilliant one including local community, history, beheading, chivalry, a green knight and Sir Gawain – what could be better?! Not only that but it is from the heart of Simply HQ’s home – the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Imagine a 14th century Arthurian poem – a tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight with chivalry, romance, temptation and a beheading challenge. Then imagine that it was proved to have taken place in the iconic Staffordshire Moorlands including the stunning Roaches (often making appearances as a wind swept rocky outcrop for costumes drama moments because of its frankly world class views) and the historic Lud’s Church.

Sir Gawain crowdfunder


Intrigued? Now imagine that this amazing tale, set in outstanding areas of beauty and history being re told by an internationally renowned artist, Sue Prince, using the ‘Bonad’ technique and the Sir Gawain expert historian, Clive Foden in the place of its creation over a fabulous weekend in November.

This amazing arts project will take place over the weekend of the 17/18th November and will include the painting of the story for posterity, re telling of the tale, listening walks, Medieval food and more.

This project is supported by local arts charities and organisations but it needs your help! Their crowdfunding appeal will means that they can pull off this amazing event so that it’s FREE to anyone wanting to be part of it – a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In return for your pennies? Your Medieval self can be painted into the picture, you can get a T-Shirt printed with the final artwork and more.

This is a typically British piece of brilliance that celebrate heritage community and art and it would be fabulous if you could support, share and spread the word!

To find out more & donate click here.