Simply Networking

Today is our monthly Coffee Break networking day…our networking meeting that takes place at the end of each month either at Middleport Pottery in Burslem or the fabulous Granvilles Brasserie in Stone.


Ok…so this post is looking dull so far, but I wanted to share with you why our networking is different and how we roll in terms of getting people together and doing business. I know we are different because networkers come to me again and again¬†and tell me how much they love what we do – no compulsory 60 second escalator speech, no required guest introductions, no up front fees all get a thumbs up. ¬†Please know that I am not saying that type of networking is wrong….I’m just saying that it isn’t for everyone and it isn’t for us.

At the heart of what we do is people & relationships. No, we’re not a dating agency (or are we?!) but we do believe that good business is done by relaxed, friendly people. Most of our networkers are sole traders, micro & small, independent businesses that work really, really hard. They are carving out lives based on passion and dedication. They love what they do & they do it with little or no marketing or advertising budget and often, little or no help. These amazing, creative people (no – they are not all artists but boy, are they creative people to make their businesses grow) need a creative, amazing atmosphere to do business. To take precious time out of their business they are looking for inspiration, warmth, relaxation and they want to learn something new…..not to mention a requirement for a great brew & some cake.

So…this is what we do at Simply….we do relaxation, no pressure, no forced spotlight (although we welcome a show & tell!), no formal introductions, just a really great break to do business.