The Simply Guide to a Perfect Bank Holiday Weekend

The Bank Holiday weekend brings pressure – either your work or commitments means it is no holiday at all and you are surrounded by those having a long weekend or you do have an extra day free but the enormity of possibilities brings on the ’embarrassment of riches’ anxiety.

It is all too easy to be sucked into the idea you need to go big to really make the most of the weekend only to end up spending hours on a motorway or queuing for a car park. Sometimes big plans are made and the obligatory summer rain makes it’s appearance.

Alternatively you may be the holiday pragmatist – everything will be wet or busy so why not stay at home and clean the oven or redecorate the sitting room.

But all this feel like cynicism & too much of ‘modern life’ doesn’t it? This is all a bit grim given that we are potentially having an extra day free to make life a little more beautiful?

Life is really made in experiences and memories made – the simple little things that stick around in our hearts and minds.

Here are a few ideas for a perfect Bank Holiday weekend – whether you have bags of time or just a spare hour or two….

  • Stay in your community – the simplest thing of all but the thing that may warm your heart the most. It may be that your community hosts a Bank Holiday festival or fair that you can support, taking the time to appreciate the good people around you. Possibly your community is a gym or dog walking gang, place of worship or friends in a pub. Use the time you have to appreciate your place & your people.
  • Get into nature – come rain or shine, taking to the fresh air has a well known & very long list of benefits. A simple walk with loved ones or maybe a more ambitious organised game of footy in the park or exploring the countryside further afield. You won’t fail to feel the freedom whatever the weather brings.
  • Take time to cook – you may cook every day but it may more usually be the throw it together without time or love style of cooking. Use the time you have to try that recipe you haven’t had time for or to cook outside with friends. Maybe enjoy a ‘pot luck’ and invite everyone to bring along a family favourite. Food is a beautiful thing if shared and prepared with time & love.
  • Learn something new – many of us dream of having the time to learn a new skill or hobby but life, cheap viagra pills work & busyness gets in the way. Why not use the time you have to make a start? You may need nothing more than a Youtube tutorial & a DIY store or go all out and book a course or workshop to get yourself started.
  • Get connected – how many of us get that little knot in the stomach when we realise how long it’s been since we met up with an old friend or visited a relative. Seize the day and meet up half way for a bowl of chips in a pub or a stroll in a beautiful old town. Connecting with loved ones in an otherwise hectic life really is soul food.
  • Get disconnected! Many of us talk about it but why not disconnect for the day – no Wifi, no mobile & no telly. See what happens – you may enjoy some real peace and quiet, read a book, take a stroll, sketch a picture – whatever your thing is, your brain will rest.
  • Clear out – we had to include a domestic option for those of you who really don’t do sitting down or fresh air (or maybe in the event of biblical rain). How about clearing out just one room or one cupboard. Not necessarily a full Japanese inspired change of life, but a cupboard that spills out every time you open it or the wardrobe that is always full but you have nothing to wear. Give to charity, recycle or Freecycle & the warm glow of satisfaction is a Bank Holiday treat indeed.
  • A night under the stars – nothing beats sleeping under  canvas for a fabulous feeling of freedom and relaxation. Inexpensive & fun for all the family, choose a site that allows a campfire for the perfect toasted marshmallow experience.
  • Enjoy the water – water has a truly relaxing quality and it’s difficult to top gentle trickling or sunny reflections. Choose a local stream or river to picnic next to or even take a day trip to the seaside – chips on a pier is alway a favourite. Don’t forget water safety & don’t ever attempt to swim in unknown waters.

At Simply HQ, we celebrate amazing indie businesses, their owners and events. Choosing independent when deciding how to spend your Bank Holiday really is the best way to guarantee a great, authentic experience while supporting the local economy & community.

Check out our Directory, Events, Courses & Where to Stay pages on the website to find wonderful events, way to learn new hobbies & kills, where to stay or places to visit.

Have a great weekend!

Emily & the Simply team xxx