Simply Guide to Autumn Living

Simply Guide to Autumn Living

After the last couple of days of winds, storms and now cooler weather, it certainly feels like Autumn has settled in. Autumn living has a new pace that can take some adjustment. Gone are the days of pottering around the garden in the evening or taking a late walk. In come the darker nights and closing curtains after tea.

To avoid the melancholy for lighter, warmer days why not Autumn proof your home and embrace the new season with open arms. Re arranging the way we live at this time of year can really make the difference to our wellbeing and stress levels. In the same way that we throw open the windows and dust off the outside furniture in spring, it’s now time to clear away, hibernate a little and make our home a sanctuary for cooler days.

Clear the decks

Traditionally we think of Spring as the real time to clean and clear our homes but actually Autumn is a fine time to clear the decks. Complete a room at a time for maximum satisfaction and simply tidy away or get rid of what you no longer need. Summer clothes washed, folded and put away until next year, unwanted items given away or to charity & rubbish re-cyled or thrown. This closes our summer chapter allowing us to welcome the next season in with renewed enthusiasm.

Autumn your living space

In the Spring we throw open our doors & fill jugs and vases with daffodils for brightness. How about the opposite in Autumn. Bring out your blankets and fold over the sofa & pick natural foliage to fill jugs. To add atmosphere, change the bulbs in your living room lamps to provide a cosy feel. Think about extra cushions to complete a welcoming feel to your home on cold wet days. You can also use essential oils to sooth, relax and restore.

Re set the menu

As the weather cools and night draw in, our bodies and minds need a different sustenance to the summer months. Out go salads and in come warming foods that nourish. Take time now to re fresh your cupboards to suit your new menu and make it easy to prepare the food your want. Stock up on beans, pulses and spices and pick out some new favourite meals or go to slow cooker recipes.

Hone your Hygge

2016 was the year of Hygge fashion but this doesn’t mean it’s old hat. Hygge (pronounced Hooga) is all about hanging out with friends and loved ones without digital input and preferably with candles, an open fire and warming drinks. Reduce the isolation or glumness that engulf so many and arrange some simple evenings in.

Plan your route

Finally plan ways that you can get fresh air during Autumn. Sound ridiculous? It is all too easy to work, go home, hide and repeat at this time of year. Get online and plan new outdoor activities. You could be inspired by a whole new fitness regime or you could simply look for a new park to walk in with a cafe or a new circular route to walk with a pub at the end. These vital vitamin D moments and hear rate raising jaunts will help us Hygge better, sleep better and Autumn better.

Happy Autumn & do share with us your super tips for embracing Autumn.