Simple Half Term Traditions

Here in Staffordshire, Half Term starts today! Welcome is an understatement as we have sneezed, coughed and limped through the first 7 weeks of the year. There have been high points, don’t get me wrong, but it is always the toughest half term at Simply HQ  – too many football matches and practices in the dark & drizzle for a start.

The lure of Half Term is intoxicating as the first small hints of spring show through. The best thing about this school break is it’s simple peacefulness. The weather can be wet & cold giving permission to stay snuggled in front of the fire without the pressures that the Christmas holidays bring. Sometimes the sun shines, offering warmth & hope for the coming season and early garden jobs without the overwhelm of summer gardening.

Here at Simply HQ we really enjoy a tradition or two. February Half Term’s tradition is to attempt the first picnic of the year – a soup, sandwiches and hot tea affair requiring thick jumpers, wellies and some considerable will. We have enjoyed buffeted, beach picnics, cliff top gales and muddy, perched seating arrangements hugging plastic cups of tea and down right wet wanderings when only the pub would do.

Another tradition often enjoyed at Half Term is pancake day. We go for it here with lots of toppings & gallons of batter, shared with the same group of friends and children frying, flipping, pouring, scooping and making an unholy mess! The kids are mostly teenagers now but the tradition is still set in stone. A simple festival of fun that seems to mark the launch into generic levitra 20 brighter times and hopeful futures.

So this Half Term promises some gardening and clearing after some serious wind damage over the last weeks. It also promises a trip to the seaside for our first picnic of the year. Finally we will be able to go pancake mad with teenagers packing the kitchen for flipping contests and a “most disgusting topping combinations” competition.

It will be a simple, tradition filled week with rain, belly ache & brave outside eating – just how we like it.

Here are some Simply Half Terms Traditions you could enjoy:

  • Picnic what ever the weather – a great way to get some well earned fresh air with adventure. Pack hot soup or hot chocolate and warm sausage rolls wrapped in foil and tea towels. Don’t forget a bit of plastic to sit on – it makes all the difference!
  • Walk in search of spring – this time of year is perfect for exploring and discovering spring in it’s earliest form. Find some countryside and listen, watch and see the bird buds and bulbs.
  • Bake – some days will be just too horrible to venture out so make Half Term the time to bake something new. Try a fruit loaf or a delicious lemon treat to welcome in Spring.
  • Find a Snowdrop Walk – there are dozens of amazing snowdrop walks or gardens to visit to see the wonder of new life. Check out Dorothy Clive Gardens on the Staffordshire/Cheshire borders.

Find recipes for pancakes, treats and picnic delights on our recipe page or discover great places to go for your Half Term adventures.