September at Simply HQ


We have been super busy here at Simply HQ and trying not to be distracted by the beautiful weather. Each day is currently starting with a fabulous walk with Stan the Simply dog….hazy sunshine, beautiful colours as the trees start to turn and even the odd crunch under foot where trees are already shedding the summer frocks. The hedgerows have been heaving with damsons, elderberries and hips and we have already made a start on this Christmas’s Damson gin (recipe can be found on our Recipe page). We have also been blackberry picking but none have made it to the Whiskey this year…only crumbles here!

We have also enjoyed a little rush of new members who we are busy adding to the website as we speak…a chance for your to discover even more about the secrets of Staffordshire. Our member benefit from our marketing and general gossiping activities as well as the innovative and exciting networking and business support we offer behind the scenes. If you know of a top little business in Staffordshire or a charity that could do with widening its support, why not take a peek at the Join Us page of our website?

Sue in the Simply office is also busily adding new recipes and information for the Autumn…we love to hear of new recipes and if you would like to have one of yours featured – simply drop us a line at

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