Damson Gin

This is my best Christmas treat – there is nothing like having a tipple of this beautifully crimson, sweet drink on a cold night. Use what’s in season now!

1 litre of dry gin
500g damsons (either pricked or frozen & thawed)
castor sugar to taste (Approx 250g)
large, sterilised bottle/Kilner jar

This is by far my favourite Damson recipe and is so easy to make and a great way to use nature’s glut in September. I tend to freeze mine on a flat tray and then thaw before use. This way the skin splits allowing a real mix of flavours. You could alway use a small knife to slightly split the skin of each one if you have the patience! Once you have thawed your damsons, add them to your sterilised jar and add the sugar & gin. Seal & swirl about to start the dissolving of the sugar & repeat daily until fully dissolved. Store in a cool, dark place until you want it (about 2-3 months). During this time you can check the taste (!!) and add more sugar if you want to – taking care that it dissolves fully. Decant into a sterilsed, pretty bottle for a fab and super local Christmas present.