Blackberry Whiskey

Wow! You really can’t beat a treat for the Winter and this is a great alternative, or addition, to a Sloe Gin etc…thanks Dad for the recipe…

1 Litre of blended whiskey of choice
500g Blackberries
200g (or to taste) castor sugar
preserving jar or wide necked bottle – sterilised

This is such a simple recipe and is ideally done when the blackberries are at their best, in season and freshly picked. Very gently wash the blackberries and add to a preserving jar like a litre Kilner jar. Add the sugar and whiskey. Seal the jar or bottle and gently trun around so as not to pulverise the berries but to encourage the dissolving of the sugar. Store in a cool, dark place and repeat the turning each day until the sugar is dissolved. Drink at Christmas or until you can’t wait any longer. Don’t forget it can be decanted into a pretty botle for a gift.