Balsamic Dressing

This is my “use on all” dressing and I re make again and again throughout the year in the same jar. Ideal for green salads, but also great for pasta salad, drizzled on sliced tomatoes and more…

Olive oil (or Omega oil like Flax)
Balsamic vinegar
Dijon mustard
salt & pepper
an empty jar

Measurements are not the key to a dressing but the proportions, so that you get a balanced taste. I tend to half fill a jar with the oil first, then slowly drizzle in the vinegar until there is about 2 thirds oil to 1 third vinegar. To this I add a small teaspoon of Dijon mustard and about the same of runny honey, a good sprinkle of sea salt and some pepper. Pop the lid on tightly and give the jar a really good shake and you should end up with a delicious thick emulsion that will last for days and days in the fridge (bring up to room temperature to use). Of course you can alter the quantities to suit your meal or taste and you can also add herbs, crushed garlic or swap the Dijon for whole grain mustard. Enjoy…