The Power of Small in a Big World


This week has been a real challenge for many – a perfect storm of very grey weather, little or no sunlight, the third week of January, pressing facts and figures from daily inauguration updates, terrible sadness and despair from war zones and snow zones…the list goes on. Running a small business amongst this gloom can be tough – tough to stay perky, positive and forward thinking. There is a powerlessness that many of us feel. We can’t solve many of the problems we witness every day.

Although I am not advocating closing the doors on the outside world or reducing our empathy or compassion, it is a really great time to remind ourselves of the power of small and the power of change on our doorstep, working together from the ground up.

Small and micro business accounts for over 5 million businesses and over 90% of all business in the UK. Of this, over 60% are sole traders – 3.3 million people working day in, day out to make life a beautiful thing. For me this is where the magic lies and this is where the power, passion & love is.

All those businesses and sole traders have decided to do something different. They have decided to not be employed but to create their own lives from the bottom up. They have to create the service or product, identify and find customers, sell to those customers and deliver so brilliantly every time, that those customers return over and over again. They are choosing to make a beautiful life that means their work is their energy, love and passion.

Many of those businesses are also making our lives more beautiful too, by enriching our experiences, building new relationships, swelling our communities and spreading passion. They may be artisans, designers, producers of beautiful things, food, drink & places or offer services vital to the smooth running of our lives. From a washing machine rescue with a smile to making our places and spaces stunning. Some of the best food we will eat or the wine we drink will all be made with love. This isn’t a superficial trend of buying local, this is real and happens day in day out, making up a huge proportion of British business and is vital to our economy and to the future welfare of the country and of us.

So it seems the power lies in small. It lies within us. We can be grateful everyday of what we have, what we can engage with, the communities around us, who we can buy from and all those small and micro businesses around us who are making a beautiful life for themselves while making our lives more beautiful in the process.

So in a big, big world, go small this weekend and take a look at the first of our amazing directories full of stand out, handpicked small & micro businesses in Staffordshire. Look around your own communities and find those amazing people and fill your life with small. #MakeABeautifulLife #MakeLifeBeautiful