This is the why.

To transform more lives through micro business in Britain.

Jamie Summerfield

94% of all British business is micro in size (less than 10 employees) and 60% of them don’t employ. These businesses are the beating heart of our communities; they support local economies; provide flexible working;  build innovation; have short & transparent supply chains; they reduce waste; provide exceptional products & services; they are the love we want to see in our lives. Read our environmental mission statement.

This is the how.

We celebrate these stand out businesses from a huge range of sectors, the contribution they make & the joy they bring.

We support & signpost our members to build the business of their dreams.

We connect them to a vibrant & growing community of other businesses who share their journey and best of all, connect them with the customers who love them.

Naila Ahmed - London Cushions

What we've done.

Rachel Smith - The Hut, Eyam

Emily, founder of Simply Great Britain and the community have supported, trained and mentored hundreds of small businesses to build confidence, gain new skills & understand their value to achieve anything they want. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, training & business support, we welcome members from coaches to makers, from photographers to accountants and from holiday providers to artisans.

What's next.

As we grow our membership from our Staffordshire base, we are having a conversation about the value that small businesses bring to all our lives. Using and buying from our members is so much more than the odd artisan market (although we LOVE those), it is about the innovative, planet saving, life enhancing, community building that can inspire us all.

Charis - Sculpted Steel

Your part.

Lori G Bridal

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