Not Black Friday but Local Friday

Today is that slightly stomach churning day – Black Friday – an affectation of big corporates looking to make the most of the last pay day before Christmas. We are bombarded with offers, deals and one off discounts to help us part with our hard earned cash in a frenzy of panic – that if we don’t, we will have missed the offer of a lifetime. This overwhelming onslaught of mass purchasing almost immediately takes the magic out of Christmas and the notions of buying a gift for a loved one. There is something slightly soul destroying about Black Friday.

For all those small businesses trying to maximise their sales at this time of year, selling from their independent gift shop, hand making stunning glass, willow, pictures, ceramics, food, brewing beer, making cakes, delivering courses and so, so much more, Black Friday is not an option. They do not have the power to half their prices or the capacity to email millions of people to implore that they spend. Today is another day when they will sell fabulous things for us to give as gifts of love.

So…on this Black Friday…make the most of the deals if you need to but don’t get wrapped up in the hype….make it Local Friday too and buy from your local community. Buy handmade, artisan, small scale¬†produced, lovingly designed, beautifully wrapped, carefully displayed & fabulously local….

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