New Year, New Commitments….

Stay in Staffordshire

2017 is finally here and many are welcoming it with open arms after, what many perceive. as a challenging 2016. For many of you it will be a time of resolutions, new starts, new regimes and new diets. It is certainly a great point in the diary to set some intentions or mental notes about what you might like 2017 to bring to your life. How about making a start with local business – a commitment to yourself to use local, buy local & shop local when you can…you will not only make your local community richer but your life too.

At Simply HQ, we are passionate about supporting and celebrating small, independent business in Staffordshire and beyond. These small business make up over 95% of all business in Great Britain and often provide some of the best customer service you will ever receive. They are artisans in their field, experts with amazing experience and, because they have chosen to employ themselves, are fully invested in making your experience as their customer a brilliant one that you will share with all your friends.

Experience is at the very heart of buying from, or using the services of,  small, independent business. You will meet a real person, you will know the origin of what you buy, you will know who made it and you can implicitly trust the person helping you. This magic is at the heart of local business. At Simply HQ, we hand pick all our members because they are some of the best independent business around – putting you in touch with the people who make the magic through our directory and social media platforms. Getting together to make life just a little more beautiful.

To celebrate the New Year, we are focussing on our members who provide amazing places to stay. They provide unique, special experiences that you will remember forever. You may be on a business trip or looking to bring friends and family together for a weekend break, you might want to book a once in a lifetime hen do or are looking for places to get married…take a peek and #staystaffs in 2017.