New Year, new adventures, more love

We have had a break at Simply HQ over Christmas and New Year to attempt to recharge batteries and settle heads. We have also been blessed that my husband was called in for his knee replacement surgery at short notice during the holidays – all is well but it has rather unsettled routines, sleep and our heads.

But…life is like that and has produced the same lesson over and over again over the last 12 months. The lesson is to allow life to happen, accept the lessons, learn and love. Despite the fact that this is not a new lesson to me, I still find it hugely difficult to sit back, listen and feel the space in order to move forward. In times of turmoil or challenge, I still want to simply try harder. I chose this life as a business owner to find balance, to create my own journey and to change how we see small, independent business in the UK and, for that, I am always grateful.

So…I start 2019 with space, with exciting adventures on the horizon and tons of love. Love for my work, love for our amazing members and love of small, independent business in the UK and what it offers our communities and lives.

What’s next?

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Wishing you all a New Year of your dreams.

Emily x