New Member Sue Kay & her Tropic adventure

Sue Kay Tropic Skincare

We tell you stories of stand out indie business and they have passionate, dedicated people at their heart. New member Sue Kay is just one of those and she has built her business up with the award winning Tropic Skincare brand. Working as an ambassador for a brand is a great way to build a business and can bring many of the rewards of being an indie business owner like flexibility, passion & independence coupled with the support and mentoring of a big brand and its marketing.

Sue was attracted to Tropic Skincare by their approach to natural plant based products and their desire to provide beauty without cruelty coupled with their innovative approach to natural skincare research.

Over the years, Sue has built up a large business and works with a team who are discovering the delights of going it alone and working for themselves too.

To find out more about what Sue does and what Tropic skincare is all about then head over to her website for more details. Find out how the brand started, how Alan Sugar got involved and how they are pursuing a green way to do beauty.