New Beginnings are here…

New Beginnings Course

Micro businesses in the UK have been among the most hard hit in the world of commerce. With millions excluded from government support packages, they have also suffered the indignity of being little featured or talked about as we find a way of recovering from the pandemic.

However, there are green shoots of resilience and recovery all around us. Micro business owners often have the best chance of pivoting their activity or altering operations in the most innovative and nimble way.

Micro businesses currently make up 94% of all private business in Britain and 60% of them don’t employ, suggesting they are sole traders or sole directors. They are a vital small blood vessel in every community. They not only provide vital products and services to us all but also build lives for their owners that are often flexible, balanced and more sustainable.

Because of their lack of huge infrastructure or capital, micro business owners also make a huge contribution to our futures. They place people, places and planet first either out of necessity or purpose. Their businesses often have clearly defined and heartfelt value systems that are about innovative futures for everyone – short & transparent supply chains, sustainable operations and holistic people management all feature strongly.

So…about those New Beginnings.

The staggering challenges faced by micro business owners are here to stay in many ways but there is an opportunity to refresh, recover and restart just at time when the people of Britain are looking to emerge from this pandemic with new vision and hope.

Our New Beginnings Online Course was launched earlier int he Summer of 2020 and is a 4 part video led course with worksheets and planners to help micro business owners pause, reflect, plan and create a new, bright future. It will support owners to restart if their businesses are beyond recovery or refresh if they need new focus and inspiration.

From the 1st October, we will be diving into a New Beginnings Fortnight to offer a mix of hope and practical advice and ideas to micro business owners who are determined to survive and thrive this Autumn, Winter and beyond.

Access to the New Beginnings Course is free to all our members Club members and £180 to non members. Join the club before midnight on September 30th and be part of this collaborative, creative fortnight to ignite the hope we all need right now.

Find out more about the New Beginnings Course here