As #myindiechristmas gathers pace – 10 reasons to join our campaign.


The importance of shopping with independent businesses as part of your Christmas build up is well documented and supported by many with amazing campaigns like Just a Card and Small Business Saturday. This year Visa has added their weight to the concept with their new Christmas advert encouraging people to use their local High St – although this is a fabulous step forward, it is a little poignant given that there are many, many High Streets that really aren’t full of independent business or worth visiting at all.

We are adding our support of independent business at Christmas with our campaign #myindiechristmas to help breathe magic back into people’s lives during the festive season. We want everyone to use #myindiechristmas in all their posts that share their products, their purchases or their favourite recommendations. It’s as simple as that and will help their friends and followers understand how every little action can make all the difference.

Still not sure why you should get involved? Here are 10 reasons share your values or even wear your values.

  1. Your cash makes a difference. Using independent business to create your dream Christmas adds actual cash to your local economy – not to big bosses off shore, not to huge chains.
  2. You will receive better customer service – always. Indie business owners care & love each and every one of their customers understanding their value. No need for large call centres, recorded messages, complicated returns policies or long waits in a queue.
  3. You will get better quality products. Recent figures show that for many small, independent businesses, making as much profit as possible isn’t their primary drive. Fulfilling their dream, giving back to the community & making customers happy often rank higher.
  4. You will build a relationship. Don’t worry you don’t need to be friends with every indie business owner, but you will build trust & understanding. They will know what you need & you will know that they can deliver.
  5. You will save money! Although you might see a cheaper version or alternative in your local Primark, you are in fact buying an inferior product without the love & attention that’s gone into the independent gift. It won’t last, it will made of cheap material and it will have no back story.
  6. You will save money! No, not repeating ourselves. If you are buying services, you will save money every time. Whether it’s boiler maintenance or website design, using an independent business means that they understand their local market, they provide services bespoke to you and you won’t have to pay twice to rectify mistakes when you went for a ‘cheap deal’.
  7. You can guarantee who has made your stuff. You will have heard and read many times that the supply chains of most large chain businesses are so long that we can never be sure of the origins of things. Did children make it, did the maker get a fair wage or working conditions, are they allowed to work sensible hours?
  8. It is better for our environment. Not only are the supply chains much, much shorter, we are also able to guarantee what goes into a product or service (because we can ask the owner!). Otherwise it is almost impossible to know if something contains dirty palm oil, contributes to water pollution at source, is created by chemicals banned in Europe, if a manufacturer monitors they emissions or they recycle their plastic.
  9. You can vote with your money for the world you want. The more you ask questions, buy locally, source free range local meat, ask for less plastic packaging, demand to know if something contains palm oil grown after mass deforestation, who made the product & in what conditions then the world will change from the bottom up.
  10. It simply makes Christmas more magical. We spend so much money and make such effort at Christmas trying the re create nostalgic feelings about what Christmas is all about. Buying everything on the cheap, from large corporate business in a grump is never going to achieve that. Go online, visit your local high street, go to a fair and choose something special and hand made, eat something that was reared or produced locally, hang out with people who want to make your Christmas special and not take all your money. Breathe magic into your Christmas the independent way.
  11. One bonus one! Wear your values and buy one of my #myindiechristmas T-shirts – locally printed by an independent business, fair trade, organic and includes a donation to charity – perfect!