Micro Business Matters Day 2021

Micro Business Matters

2021 started very much with new positivity for the micro business community in Britain. New stories are being told and the 7th annual Micro Biz Matters Day was hosted this year by founders Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden in association with Yorkshire in Business.

Why is this important to us all?

There are some significant statistics that have emerged during 2020 that have propelled the world of micro business in Britain into the spotlight. Making up nearly 95% of all private business in the UK, micro business (0-9 employees) has been shown to be the bedrock of communities and the key to local economic stability, innovation and culture.

From all sectors, micro businesses are embedded in the British business landscape but have often been unseen and rarely make mainstream media news. Whether this is because their growth trajectory isn’t exciting enough or their individual contribution to the British economy isn’t considered suitably significant, it’s difficult to know for sure, but until 2020, we have been all too happy to limit our understanding of micro business to buying handmade or artisan on high days & holidays.

But this low grade acknowledgement has shifted forever.

Firstly 2020 saw the exclusion of over 3 million businesses of this size from government financial support during the pandemic. These tax payers fell through the many holes in the safety net that has successfully supported businesses of a larger size. The result has been widespread financial ruin, anxiety, anger and desperation. There have also, very very sadly, been a number of suicides as micro business owners lose hope.

The work of Tony, Tina and Excluded UK has not only provided a new, loud voice for many of those left out of support, but they have also raised the profile of this golden seam of business that runs into every corner of Britain. Politicians have perhaps fully understood for the first time, the need to recognise, respect and support the work that these tiny, but mighty businesses do.

In addition to this, the annual study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2019 showed the highest level of ‘early stage entrepreneurship’ in 20 years.

This entrepreneurial activity can be seen all around us as people turn hobbies into businesses, leave unsustainable corporate careers or choose to use their skills in a new way. Providing us with positive news about the micro business world, now is the right time to tell a new story about the impact this sector has for people, places and planet as we emerge from these unprecedented times.

Micro Biz matters Day

The day itself featured 12 hours of live streamed interviews, chats and gatherings with micro business owners, influencers, experts and enthusiasts. Trending on twitter, #microbizmatters also shared its support for the campaign #excludeduk asking for donations throughout the day.

I joined Tony, Dan Martin (journalist & entrepreneur champion) and Ruairi Devlin (founder of Ireland’s Micro Business Awards) to talk about what we learned in 2020 and what support micro businesses need right now.

One of the upshots was to tell stories ALL THE TIME.

Stories matter to us all and how and why micro businesses operate is not only a hugely ‘connecting’ way to do business, but it also provides a truly sustainable, thriving & innovative future for business in Britain.

We also discussed the importance of community. Feeling part of a gang that shares your journey, offers support or simply has your back, makes a significant difference to the success of micro business.

Some of those micro businesses will stay small – repeatedly delivering excellence to their communities, customers and localities. Some will be the fast growth innovators for a better, brighter future for British business, people and planet.

If you want to find out more about some of what I’ve talked about today, please visit:

Excluded UK

Micro Biz Matters

And…if you’re a micro business owner looking for community, support & a spotlight to shine under, take a look at the Simply Club. Currently inviting new members to join, the club is exclusively for micro business owners who want affordable, professional business support, community that sustains them and a new spotlight to share their stories. Together, we’re telling a new story about micro business Britain.

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