Make this Weekend Fiercely Independent

As you know, we are all about celebrating, supporting & inspiring independent business in Staffordshire and beyond. Most independents in the UK are small (around 93% of all business in the UK) and of those businesses over 60% don’t employ anyone.

So, you can see that small, independent business is the very backbone of all that is great about business in Staffordshire and Great Britain. Many of those business are fiercely independent – proud of what they provide, in relationship with their amazing customers, passionate about their products and services and often the leading light in their high street. Again and again, these businesses and entrepreneurs show themselves to be the innovators, disruptors, instigators, creatives and lights in our communities and in the business world. If you think about how you purchase goods and services, guaranteed, we reckon that your best experiences are from independent businesses – are we right?

So…make this weekend fiercely independent.

If you need a mower fixed, want to buy new garden furniture, go out and buy a gift or visit a town for coffee…go independent. It will make your life richer. It will provide a warm glow, a potential new friendship, extra, valuable cash into your own community and above all you will have a weekend experience that stays with you.

To discover some of the very best, stand out businesses and entrepreneurs in Staffordshire on our award winning website and have a fabulous weekend.

Emily & the team xx