Make hay while the sun shines – tips for your summer break

The Summer brings us a moment and some space to rest, relax & restore….a little window of time before we all head, at full speed into the Autumn and Festive build up. Whether you are away for the Summer or are simply taking a few days at home, it’s a great time to make hay while the sun shines.

Here are few lovely tips and ideas to help you make the most of this precious time in the sun:

  • Have some digital free time – sounds bonkers but Summer can be heady and busy enough without the added pressure that too much digital input can bring. We love digital media at HQ but even we take a little break in the summer to sit in the quiet.
  • Buy a new notebook – New Year resolutions don’t work for many people. We’re tired and in hibernation mode so starting something new seems difficult. Summer is the perfect time to allow your dreams to come to the fore. Maybe can buy viagra online canada there is a germ of an idea or a project for your home. Perhaps you want to plot out that book you wanted to write or something more simple like planning a veg plot for next year. Take it everywhere & simply get it down.
  • Eat seasonally – this is something that we love to do but in Summer it seems so much easier as we are surrounded by abundance and harvest. Enjoying the fruits and salads of the season will also restore balance for the months ahead.
  • Let you hair down – the days are long and the nights are warm so why not have some fun?! Your idea of fun might be sitting outside at dusk reading by candlelight or it might be doing a semi clad Samba on a beach…make the most of now and enjoy life in the sun.

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