A few lovely ideas to make your Monday brighter as a small business owner.

Every week we send out a How To Guide to our members – a bite sized offering to help the in their business. They also get to search through the archive to pick out the topic that they need ay any one time. However, this week we decided to share it with you maybe to see what it’s like to be a small business owner or perhaps just to share some insight into our world of support, connection and celebration of the 95% of British Business that we know little about.

Today is apparently Blue Monday – a super depressing name of this Monday in January that statistically we all find more difficult. Obviously I am assuming that no one has figured out that by naming it thus, they have created a self fulfilling prophecy.

However there is a point to my cynical rantings and that is that Mondays in the grey mist of January can be a little miserable and if you are working alone, feelings of ovewhelm, worry or negativity can perhaps creep up on even the most positive among us. It goes without saying too, that the news is diligently awful at the moment and anyone could be forgiven for thinking that working for yourself, running a business or looking to grow your success in 2019 is, in fact, doomed. 

One of the central reasons I set up this community is to offer an alternative perspective (that I need reminding of just like you) to the one that sells media. We are not alone; we can all gather together; we do provide top service in our businesses; there is a lot of love in our communities; not all of us want to become the next Richard Branson and you can still do business in the UK – even in 2019. 

So here we are on Blue Monday and what can we do to feel a little better? What habits can we nurture that will mean we can all have a better Monday?

These are not definitive clearly, and I have not perfected any of them but I do try these things and they do help and maybe you can try them too.

  • Always, always get outside every single day. Our bodies require outside light to sleep, regulate and perform better. I got a dog to force me out and even on the wettest, most gloomy morning I never regret walking my now two dogs.
  • Don’t rush the morning.  This is perhaps laughable if you saw me rushing about a lot of mornings but the days that are most successful for me are when I get up early and take my morning ritual slowly. Sometimes this is nothing more than a pot of tea, a candle and something lovely on the radio and other times this is a bit of bread making, yoga and calmly checking in on my priorities. Whatever your thing is – take care to find your mojo before lurching into a chaotic day.
  • If you’re feeling a little lost or feel that things perhaps aren’t going well, take a look at how far you’ve come. All of us are on a journey and social media often means we compare our stage 1 with someone else’s stage 10 so stop….get a pen and paper and think about where you started, what you have learnt and how this can inform your next steps.
  • Stop working. Counter intuitive for many of us but ploughing on feeling anxious, worried, cross or stressed will only ever come out in your service, product or work. If you feel like this, try to stop all together, step back, enjoy some silence, meet a friend, re walk the dog, make a brew or knead some bread. All those feelings is your body’s way of saying help, so go and help it.
  • Listen to a podcast. I flippin’ LOVE podcasts. It takes me away from myself or my thought patterns or my cemented perspective. Don’t think you haven’t got time, just have them rumbling away in your office, on a walk or while brewing the tea. My current loves are the TED Interviews, Fortunately with Fi Glover and Jane Garvey, Happy Place interviews & Oprah’s Super Soul – can you tell I’m just a little nosey?!
  • Tidy your office. I love a good clear out and I always, always feel better when I’ve got rid of rubbish. Rather like the stopping above, clearing out can help connect you to your business and place again – maybe fall back in love with your enterprise even. This activity is never procrastination or time wasting in my eyes – it is simply therapeutic.
  • Avoid the news. I feel terrible about this actually because I was brought up to make sure I educated myself about world news and the days important topics but news at the moment can be all consuming and drown us in disaster. Perhaps just limit your self to a bulletin or a good discussion programme but hourly updates about the same stuff we feel helpless about is wearing.

I would love to hear how you cheer you up or avoid Blue Monday. If you are a member, you can hop over to our Facebook Group for our Monday afternoon live chat too. Let’s re connect, support and celebrate each other.