Live Simply this Half Term

Today my kids break up from school for the half term and it is always so welcome after the business of the first section of the school year. We are shattered and in need of some restoration.


We are packing in lots during the week though…visiting family, footy tournament & days out are all planned. However, the best thing about the Autumn break is that quiet, special space between late summer and just before the onset of festive frantic….


So what makes the perfect Autumn Half Term break?

  • Long walks, wading through fallen leaves with loved ones. For me, an essential addition is a flask of soup to warm you through before you head home.
  • Conker collecting…you may be past lacing your conkers for a bought but they look amazing in a bowl and are the essence of Autumns of your childhood.
  • Lighting the first fire of the season. This should ideally be done with great ceremony & reverence because that first crackle of the season helps us settle into a new cosy space in the year.
  • Autumn baking is the perfect way to spend a wet day – perhaps an apple cake or treacle loaf, something spicy and dark which will be the perfect accompaniment to your fire, post walk.
  • Celebrate Hallow’s Eve. You may not be a fan of the gaudy, plastic version of Halloween but Half Term is the perfect time to embrace the traditions of the past…whether you pour cider on your apple tree roots or carve a pumpkin to ward off evil spirits, experiencing some age old tradition at this time of year is a great way to ground ourselves into the season and really connect with our ancestors.

So…enjoy your Autumn week & hop you manage to experience some peace & tranquility to drink in the magic of this season.