A Lifestyle well shot…with Matthew Owen

Matthew Owen Photography

Images are so important for us at Simply HQ and we work hard to share inspirational pics. Photographs in our lives are often our most treasured processions and, as Matthew Owen, Simply member and photographer, says, “cherish the small moments & celebrate the big.”

Matthew is a lifestyle photographer who has a brilliant gift for capturing the magic in a moment in his wedding and product shoots. Often working closely with indie artisans and artists, Matthew is able the capture the story of a product as well as its beauty and craft.

This summer Matthew has also branched out to share his expertise in his first workshop “Photography for Artisans and Creatives”. He wanted to help business owners make their photography work hard for them in the run up to the Christmas rush. We love this collaborative approach to supporting and helping indie businesses to learn new skills.

Now Matthew is working with business owners on their personal brands. More so than ever, indie businesses are run by very visible owners who’s personal brand/expertise/skills are an inspiration to their audiences. Matthew’s skill and experience will help these business owners to clearly represent their story and brand in their photographs – magic stuff for any business.

If you want to find out more about Matthew, his portfolios, workshops and brand photography, head over to his website today.