Life after the Summer…time to harvest

You will have noticed that we have taken a little break from telling our stories for a few weeks over the Summer. We had taken the decision to step back, assess and restore for a few weeks to ensure that the harvest of Autumn was fruitful and glitch free.

This Summer has been a special one in many ways – a hot hot summer, exam time for the eldest offspring, busy diaries and lots of fast energy. It was fabulous and exciting, exhausting and fun but, like many business owners, it isn’t sustainable 12 months of the year. We knew that we needed to plan ahead for the Autumn, towards the busy pre Christmas rush and that stepping back is the best way to see what works, which way forward and to lay solid foundations.

Because the work that we do is with other small business owners, we also notice that this suits our clients too. They too are restoring, taking stock and gathering themselves for, what is for many indie business owners, the busiest time of the year.

Of course, this makes September such a sweet time of year. We may be saying goodbye to Summer fun and heat, but we are also feeling settled, and excited for the coming months.

At Simply HQ, we have a lot of plans and ideas coming together including new workshops for indie business owners, new webinars and How To Guides for our members as well as a new campaign to spread the indie revolution that is happening in Great Britain. We have a host of new stories to tell and an exciting bunch of competitions and offers to help you fall in love with our members and learn what magic indie business will bring to your life.

Welcome back after the Summer break and we hope you will follow our journey into Autumn as well as sharing your own journey with us. Let us know about your favourite indie businesses, how they make life special for you and what independent business means to you.