Less Black, More Love – Choose independent this Black Friday.

Many of you will have, like us, inboxes packed full of emails begging, cajoling & pestering you to spend big today – Black Friday is well and truly here. Everything you hear on your radio & see on the telly, not to mention social media, will tell you that today is a big day – one you cannot miss out on.

What is forgotten in this race to build the profits of some very, very big companies, is that the power of the small, independent business cannot compete with such an onslaught of marketing. It is nigh on impossible to get a word in edgeways.

However, 93% of all British business is small & independent and many of this business adds real magic to our lives, communities and Christmas, not to mention the economy. Many will join in today and offer discounts and incentives but what you will get back is something so much more than a bit of cash off.

You will get hand wrapped, lovingly selected, carefully priced, individually picked out & personally dispatched gifts through the post. You will get customer service that you can get through to and you will know that the people you are buying from entirely rely on your good reviews.

Of course it goes without saying that if you need a new telly or washing machine, then today is a good day. But…if you are trying to buy Christmas magic, we suggest you try independent. You will find that a huge majority of them will sell to you online or take orders over the phone…

Check out our hand picked directory of stand out indie businesses on the Simply Great Britain website.

If you are a stand out indie business who is out there creating the magic and you want to be celebrated, supported & connected with more amazing business owners, please visit our Join Us page for more details on becoming a member.