How to keep Summer simple…

For many of you, the Summer holidays are about to start….a time of mixed blessings and some exhaustion. It can be a time to look forward to and a time to move away from term time routines and grumpy mornings but it can also feel fraught and stressful not to mention expensive!

My children are teenagers now and despite their love of technology and small screens, still appreciate the simple things in life. If I ask them what their favourite memories of summer holidays are or what their best times are in the summer it often involves doing little, eating great food and being with people they love. It reminds me again and again, that keeping Summer simple is the key to great memories and a fuller purse.

When they were little, we did simple picnics, duck feeding and outdoor games with friends. As they get older, it is not much different but maybe more evolved. Now we still do picnics but less cute sarnie and more disposable BBQ and get the teenagers to do the hotdogs or homemade burgers. We do less organised games in a field and bring along their friends so that they can loll about together, gossiping, playing footy or generally hanging out together. It makes for a slightly less hands on approach but more time to lie back and breath – a little headspace for an otherwise fraught Mum!

So…keep Summer simple this year & make memories that last forever.

Here are some ideas to get you started & watch out for more blogs this summer including easy recipes, places to go for free & more….

  • Get the kids to make the food – during the busy term time, this might seem impossible but now is the time to let them get creative. If you have littlies, they can butter bread or bake a cupcake. Teenagers might be more suited to buying a disposible  BBQ & rustling up some easy burgers or get them to plan hotdogs & their favourite sauces.
  • Find free open space – nothing beats free open space to simply enjoy. Again this could be with organised games and activities with friends or simply providing older kids with a blanket to sit on, a ball & a BBQ to take control of.
  • Gather together – life is much more fun with more people. Club together with friends and family so that the children entertain each other and you get some peace and quiet or chatting time. This goes for teenagers too. Pick up their friends and let them roam free together.
  • Sleep outdoors – this is a favourite and as simple as putting up a tent in the garden or a friend’s garden. Make a simple campfire or download a stargazing app to discover the sky above and kids of all ages will be relaxed and entertained.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these ideas – please feel free to comment or share with friends and look out for more Summer blog posts on their way.