It’s time to write a new story

Simply Great Britain
How we respond to the new ‘open’ will be a vote for our future….

The last few weeks have been wholeheartedly focused on supporting small, micro businesses to stay afloat, recover, rebuild, make new plans, pivot & cope.

We have been sharing free webinars, free training programmes, 121 support, hosting virtual meet ups, sharing email How To Guides and passing on all the information at our fingertips to those in need.

We’re hearing a lot in the news about economic disaster is heading our way. We’re hearing that life won’t be the same. It can leave us feeling powerless.

However, ‘powerless’ we are not. There is a new story waiting to be told.

Although much has been rolled out in recent weeks to support business in the UK, a large proportion of those I speak with have not been able to access any funding support at all.

Simply Great Britain members

These ‘micro’ businesses make up 94% of the UK private business sector – well over 5 million. About 60% of these businesses don’t employ.

Who are these businesses?

Many of them are based in the visitor economy, hospitality & creative sectors and many of them offer services to business and customers. They are accountants, bakers, cafes, shop owners, makers, experts, photographers, coaches, artisans, holiday cottage owners, B&B proprietors, small visitor attractions, craft course leaders, artists, brewers…the list is long.

What they have in common is that they are likely to be at the very heart of your community. You may not even know that they’re there. Stats show that apart from those that can afford to be on your local High Street, many work from home, from small units and in hidden away offices.

Research also shows that they have people, places & planet at their heart.

As we talk about the ‘reopening’ of our economy and getting back to ‘normal’ there may be a rush to simply return to the way things were. But is that what we really want?

Imagine your world today if we took away a big chunk of those independent, small, micro businesses…just for a moment.

What would your High Street, village, town look like? How, more importantly would it feel?

New ways of prioritising in our lives is being discussed a lot. Many of us talk about walking more, meditating more, eating less junk, cherishing human contact like never before.

There is a new priority to add to your list.

We can all make small but significant pledges to step towards the open signs of those independent people & places we love. We can sidestep the big corporate signs when we need coffee and search for those who do it better. We can avoid clicking on the first name in our Google search results & seek out those who are more dedicated to you.

Our tiny new steps will have a huge impact on our country.

  • Jobs will be saved.
  • Livelihoods will be secured.
  • People can avoid the jobless queue
  • Our High Streets will be vibrant
  • Our hearts will be full
  • We will face dedication
  • We will give back
  • A new beginning will emerge.

Every penny you spend. Every ‘like’ you share. Every recommendation you make. Every review you post.

All these actions are a vote for the community and Britain you want to see. You can write the new story.

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Emily, founder of Simply Great Britain