Be Inspired by Indie Business in 2018

Simply HQ has been a hive of activity since Christmas but we have neglected our blog – which, in the 101 of things not to do in your business it’s about no.5.

Anyway – what has been keeping us busy you ask? In essence plotting out one of the most exciting years of our business so far! We became Simply Great Britain in the whirlwind that’s the run up to the festive season and so we needed time to pull together our plans and ideas before we shared too many of them in a muddle.

At Simply HQ we live and breath independent business; how we can help their owners; how indie business makes our lives more beautiful; ways that buying from indie businesses enriches our lives; ways to slow down and see life in something brighter than a blur; thinking up ways to bring indie business owners together is ways that fit in with their lives and how we can bring them together to properly inspire the Great British public.

Our mission is clear…to be the largest, go to platform in Great Britain that celebrates how stand out independent business make life more beautiful.

To kick off the year, we have been running a campaign to invite indie businesses from around the UK to apply to join our handpicked membership. We are so excited to be welcoming new members from Cornwall, Derbyshire, Cheshire & Scotland, beyond the boundaries of our founding county of Staffordshire.

If you are an indie business owner or know one that make your life more beautiful, then take a look at our Join Us page for more details about how we roll & what we do.

Much Love, Emily & team xx